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                                                          Hello, welcome to Dongguan Sunlit Security Equipments Co. Ltd. ! Chinese| Collection| Home| Contact us
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                                                          Dongguan Sunlit Security Equipments Co. Ltd.

                                                                  Sunlit Technology (HK) Co., Ltd was born and grew uptobe an international developer and manufacturer of security products and smart home systems since the beginning of 21 century. In the past decade of years, we have been devoted into the aim " to enhance the world's sense of safety and people's belief of life quality". Sunlit has been insisting to the innovative researches and breakthroughs under the strict " 5S" management and ISO9001 quality authentication standard.
                                                                  Under the staff's continuous hard work, we have enlarged the product line from wired intrusion alarm to wireless burglar alarm, CCTV, DVR, smart home system etc......


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                                                          SUNLIT TECH Released New Products in

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